Your decentralized data.

QStorage DCS does not store your files in a single place, as typical cloud storage does, but encrypts and splits them into parts and distributes these parts among other network nodes. This provides the highest level of protection and privacy.

Reliable protection

First, any file passes the encryption procedure, then it is divided into parts and sent to different nodes around the world. This approach eliminates any leakage of confidential data on the network and provides reliable protection against any attacks.

Personal access

When uploading data to the network, it is encrypted and divided into parts, and in this form, it is stored in the blockchain. Therefore, without a special key, no one can restore your data in its original form, except for you and those with whom you share access.

Always available

Decentralized storage means that you always have access to your data, even if some of the nodes storing the parts of your file are currently offline.


If you want to see how our network works in detail, you can do it at any time without any problems. All our program code is always open source and we intend to keep this principle in the future. You can also use our affiliate program and help other businesses in income distribution.

Decentralized cloud.

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Clear and understandable prices without unnecessary fees. You can immediately estimate all the necessary costs for storing your data in our storage. Our prices are simple and straightforward; we have no hidden fees or other "surprises". You can test QStorage DCS now for free.

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How it works?


Encryption of objects.

Before downloading all files, Decentralized Cloud Storage (QStorage DCS) encrypts them. So your information is available only to you and to those with whom you want to share it.

No. All user files stored in the system are stored in encrypted form, besides, each file is divided into parts, and these parts are located in different nodes. They are assembled only when you request access to them. Therefore, no one except you can get access to them.

All data is encrypted with the AES-256-GCM encryption scheme. This procedure is typical for all files and guarantees reliable protection.

Reliable information protection is very important when you store files on the net. To guarantee that no one else can get your files, we use a system of keys and permissions to access data in QStorage DCS.

Yes. You can, at your discretion, issue access rights to your files to other people, or, on the contrary, revoke them of such rights at any moment.

The file is divided into several parts.

So, after a file has passed the encryption procedure, it is divided into parts, then these parts are distributed among the system nodes. The scheme provides even more reliable protection of your data.

All files, regardless of size, are divided into 80 parts. And in order to get your file, it is enough to have 29 (some of the nodes where the file is stored may be offline at the time of your request). Parts of the file can be stored on different types of devices in different regions of the world.

This method provides excellent performance and high reliability. Dividing the file into parts allows you to make the most of your decentralized storage. It is much more reliable and secure than storing data in centralized cloud storage.

This is a completely new approach to storing data on the net. Like with Bitcoin, you don't have to trust other blockchain participants. Thanks to the encryption scheme applied and the file splitting, neither administrators nor other users will be able to get your data – they simply cannot put the file back together. To access the data, you must have a key that only you have. So you can relax about the safety of your information.

Distribution of file fragments throughout the net.

After the file is encrypted and divided into parts, these fragments are distributed among other blockchain users. At any given time, it is physically located on various devices, which completely excludes data leakage.

Our blockchain is a global network of nodes, that are located in different countries and can physically be any device (from a smartphone to a server). Now we have more than 10,000 nodes in more than 85 countries.

On eighty. Each file is split into 80 encrypted parts, which are then sent to storage in 80 different nodes around the world.

We use a reputation scoring scheme and estimate local latency to determine which nodes will store user file parts. That is, only nodes with high authority in the blockchain, and those with the maximum access rate can claim the role of storage. Reliable protection and high access rate are the key factors in this choice.

You can access the file whenever you want

So, at the moment you want to get your file, you can access it from anywhere around the world using your key.

To assemble a file and decrypt it, you only need to have 29 (out of 80) parts.

Since you need only 29 parts to decode a file, there is no problem that you cannot access some of the nodes that store your data.